Marvis’s Story

Name: Marvis Bangura
Age: 7 years
Class: Class 2
School: Korea Primary School, Waterloo
Caregiver: Adama Bangura
Relationship: Grandmother
Economic Activity: Petty Trader

In September 2020 Marvis was promoted to class two after ranking 21st out of 53 pupils in her class. Her school assessment in October 2020 found she was an irregular attender at school. Her grandmother explained that “Marvis sometimes refused to go to school because she was hungry and was also sometimes asked out of class for lack of exercise books and pencil. We are now happy that she has all her school materials and some food items that I use to prepare food for her to eat before she goes to school. I promise her attendance will improve against your next visit”.

SLWT’s program has paid Marvis’s school fees and other charges. She has also received the following school materials through SLWT funding:

  • exercise books
  • textbooks
  • pens, pencil, ruler
  • school bag,
  • shoes,
  • Socks,
  • 2 sets of school uniforms,
  • food items (gari. sugar, sachet milk, 25kg bag of rice and palm oil)
Marvis with her backpack containing school supplies, and a plastic bag with food items
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