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Hope for Tomorrow

In January 2015, we started our 5th humanitarian program - Hope for Tomorrow. The program comprises of 2 projects - Waterloo Ebola Orphans and Ebola Survivors. Hope for Tomorrow is about ensuring a future for 50 orphaned children, aged between 6 months to 4 years old (Jan 2015) and 5 youths (aged 15+) who themselves are orphaned and are survivors of the Ebola virus.

SLWT has committed to supporting these children until the finish their secondary education - so this is a long-term commitment. Our responsibility is for their education, health and welfare, which means we are also supporting their caregivers with seeking employment and or entrepreneurship.

It costs a £1.00 a day for us to support a child, if you can and want to, please consider sponsoring one consider sponsoring one of the children so together we can help secure a better future and a hope for tomorrow.

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Brighter Tomorrow

Brighter Tomorrow

In October 2019 we successfully launched our 6th project - Brighter Tomorrow. Modelled on the Hope for Tomorrow  project, we are supporting 30 children who became orphaned by the 2017 mudslide in Regent, Greater Freetown. Most of these children are being cared for by members of the community, as the aftermath of the mudslide resulted in many children losing their entire family and consequently left destitute.

Brighter Tomorrow will provide for each child a scholarship which includes provision of school uniform, shoes and school materials, it also provides healthcare support, home and school monitoring and a modest stipend for care givers to provide the child with a daily meal and transportation to and from school.

It costs a £1.00 a day for us to support a child, if you can an want to please consider sponsoring one of the children to help secure a better and brighter future for that child.

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On completion of their primary education, FAWE facilitates and encourages the secondary education of its girls through a scholarship programme as secondary education is not free

Each year SLWT provides scholarships for 60 girls attending secondary school in Sierra Leone. These girls are all ex-pupils of FAWE primary school for girls. The scholarship covers their school fees, examination costs, books, uniform as well as a small travel allowance. It costs £50 a year to give each scholar this opportunity, help us make a difference.

SLWT seeks to inspire these girls to achieve their full potential in spite of their economic constraints. Since the start of the program, SLWT sponsored scholars have successfully proceeded to university and medical school.

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As a UK based charity, we do not have any employees; all work primarily administration and fundraising is done by volunteers and the trustees.

In Sierra Leone, SLWT employs 5 personnel to support the operation of its Hope for Tomorrow programme. Unrestricted donations to SLWT go towards funding our team in Sierra Leone and covering meagre overheads in the UK, such as insurance, website maintenance and fees.

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