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  How SLWT supported the Ebola Response

SLWT has worked tirelessly throughout the Ebola epidemic to protect and support some of the most vulnerable members of society.



  Aminata – Ebola Survivor

Aminata Kargbo is an Ebola survivor, who lost her family to the deadly virus. She is now being supported by SLWT through funds donated by a British couple who heard her story and wanted to give her “Hope for Tomorrow”

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  Sierra Leonean Health Care Workers direct appeal for help

SLWT commissioned this video as part of our drive to recruit health care workers in the diaspora @ukebolarecruit. Watch this moving appeal by Mustapha Koroma a Sierra Leonean nurse at the Connaught Hospital, Freetown; to health care workers abroad, especially Sierra Leoneans to go out to Sierra Leone and help eradicate this deadly virus.

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  Call to Action Roadshows

In collaboration with the Department for International Development (DfID) and the Sierra Leone Diaspora Ebola Response Task Force (UK), SLWT facilitated three roadshows across the UK – London (20th October), Manchester (23rd October) and Birmingham (28th October). Attendees were given the opportunity to hear from and meet with UK agencies directly involved with recruiting health care workers and non-health care workers – UK-Med, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Save the Children, Kings Sierra Leone Partnership, Public Health England and GOAL.



  So many of us have been tragically affected by Ebola

Emma Jane Kirby speaks to members of London's Sierra Leone community about the impact of Ebola, far from home.

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  SLWT - Joining the fight against Ebola

We are appealing for your help to raise funds for SLWT (Sierra Leone War Trust for Children) because of the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone.

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Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr speaks at the ODI panel discussion on Ebola

Yvonne was a panellist at the recent ODI forum on Ebola 30th September 2014.  Yvonne spoke on the impact to growth and development in particular the private sector, as a consequence of the Ebola Crisis to not just Sierra Leone but also the region.  See Yvonne’s presentation here.




SLWT providing support to UK diaspora task force

SLWT has played a key role in supporting the UK Sierra Leonean diaspora task force with the launch of the UK Ebola Recruit campaign and roadshows.


Handwashing stations delivered

As at 6th October 2014 we had distributed 500 (300 during the lock down, and 35 to the Mape Community this week). SLWT had supplied 165 of its targeted 600 handwashing stations.  125 of the hand washing stations have been distributed through the Freetown City Council to poor and deprived communities around Freetown.  A further 40 hand washing stations are being distributed through the National Council of Paramount Chiefs to two needy chiefdoms in Moyamba District (Ribbi and Timdale) and to parts of Port Loko District which is at risk of becoming the new epicentre of the outbreak.


1000 Raincoats for Okada Drivers

As at 10th September 2014, SLWT had distributed 875 raincoats to “Okada” riders; 750 of these were distributed in Freetown.  In early September, we received an urgent and desperate appeal to provide raincoats to drivers in Kono District; this was as a result of 2 drivers being infected with the Ebola virus.  Thanks to your support SLWT was able through its partners on the ground to immediately respond and 125 raincoats were dispatched to “Okada” riders in Kono.