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Ebola Response Summary


SLWT has worked tirelessly throughout the Ebola epidemic to protect and support some of the most vulnerable members of society. At the start of the epidemic, SLWT's activities focused on preventative measures as it provided personal protective equipment to doctors and hand-washing facilities to densely populated urban communities. SLWT also worked with the local "Okada riders" (motorcycle riders) to protect them and their passengers from getting infected through the innovative introduction of plastic raincoats.


As the epidemic continued to rage and the International community lead by Her Majesty's Government (HMG) began to recruit NHS Healthcare workers to join the fight in Sierra Leone, SLWT played an important role in the recruitment drive, organising a major media campaign, roadshows across the country and delivering cultural awareness training to NHS and international volunteers (from Denmark, Korea and The Netherlands) prior to their deployment. Thankfully as at March 2015, the Ebola epidemic was coming under control and the rate of transmission in Sierra Leone was on a downward trend. However, in its wake, the Ebola outbreak left a devastating legacy as thousands of children have become orphans, having lost their parents to the deadly disease.


SLWT is catering for the food and health monitoring needs of Ebola orphans under the age of five who are in the care of guardians and caretakers unable to cover the additional cost to the household but who are willing to provide a new home for these children. With the re-opening of schools in Sierra Leone, SLWT resumed its FAWE scholarship programme providing educational scholarships and mentoring support to school girls who as a group have been very badly affected by the outbreak.