Dear friends,

God Bless you all!!!

I started securing my accommodation at a cost of One Million Leones - equivalent £143.  I started taking computer classes in January 2015, at a cost Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Leones equivalent to £50; and at that time I was also preparing for my private WASSCE examination to gain admission into a university.  With my free time, I joined the SLAES team (SIERRA LEONE ASSOCIATION OF EBOLA SURVIVOR) to campaign for the “Zero Ebola” in our country as a survivor. I also helped survivors, especially those with eye complications, encouraging them to go to the clinic for eye check-ups, as well as help them to take their medication according to the prescription.  I also visited patients in hospital (P.C.M.H, CONNAUGHT, EMERGENCY HOSPITAL) counselling them about what they are going through, and also pray for them. I became a volunteer because as a survivor I know how people are feeling – many are frustrated about their present condition.

Now that I have finished taking my private WASSCE examination, I want to start taking extra classes to prepared to go to the university because I want to study business management at IPAM university.  I have been blessed with your monthly maintenance allowance of (Le702,000,00) and I am so grateful to you all.

Thank you and God Bless you.


13th October 2015


AMINATA - An Ebola Survivor's story

Aminata Kargbo was living with her aunt and uncle at Hill Station in Freetown when she contracted the Ebola Virus in October 2014. Her uncle first fell ill and was cared for by her aunt. At the time, there was still a lot of speculation in her local community that Ebola was not real.. When her uncle died there was no confirmation that he had died of Ebola. A few days later his wife, feeling unwell, was taken to hospital for a medical examination. She was diagnosed as having malaria, given medication and sent home. A week later she complained of dizziness, weakness and muscular ache. Overnight she lost her hearing and sight. Aminata was her main carer and after her aunt died handled her corpse. A week later, Aminata herself began to feel unwell, complaining of serious muscular pains and headache. She went to a pharmacy and bought some medication which didn’t help so she later went to the hospital for an Ebola test, which proved negative, and she was advised to go home. A few days later, when she was still feeling unwell an ambulance was called to take her the Hastings Ebola treatment centre. Aminata, at this time, came into contact with her mother who unfortunately contracted the Ebola virus from Aminata and later died.

At the Hastings Ebola Treatment Centre, Aminata eventually responded to treatment. She spent three weeks at the treatment centre and was finally discharged on 29th November 2014. Aminata met the Yvonne, SLWT Chairperson at the discharge ceremony and they immediately struck up a friendship. Aminata who was now an orphan explained that her biggest challenges would be finishing her education and taking care of her younger brother. Through the support of SLWT and specifically the contribution of one particular family in the UK moved by Aminata’s story, Aminata is now continuing her education and the living expenses for her and her younger brother are covered. Aminata is also being mentored and meets regularly with an SLWT nominated guardian.

Aminata is determined to help in the fight against the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. She is a member of the Ebola Survivors Association and has travelled around the country supporting and advocating for continued help for Ebola survivors.


Salieu is just one child out of millions whose lives have been impacted by Ebola

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